Hamburg Sportlerin Führungsposition DOSB

brave faces

Edina Müller is paralympicswinner in wheelchair basketball and canoeist and mother with disability showing there are no borders at brave stories Edina Müller

Mit Rollstuhl und Kinderwagen

Manuela Rousseau is member of the board at Beiersdorf and author of the book Wir bauchen Frauen, die sich trauen and showing brave doubts at brave stories Prof. Manuela Rousseau

Eine Frau, die sich traut

Ingrid Unkelbach head of Olympic base Hamburg/ Schleswig-Holstein in leading position brave stories Ingrid Unkelbach


Julia Lier is rower and olympic gold medal winner in double foursome 2016 and demands appreciation for women's performances at brave stories Julia Lier

Olympiasiegerin, die sich warm rudert

Sarah Scheurich German box champion and fighter against abuse at sport practice coach don't touch me at brave stories Sarah Scheurich

Kämpferin mit Gefühl

Kirsten Witte-Abe vice head of department for equal opportunity and diversity at German Olympic Sports Confederation fighting for role models or girls brave stories Kirsten Witte-Abe

Lebt Vielfalt als Wert

Verena Bentele president social association Germany VdK sport despite blindness is a fearless woman at brave stories Verena Bentele

Moderne Superwoman

Veronika Rücker ceo German Olympic Sports Confederation women in leading positions at brave stories Veronika Rücker

Entscheidungen als Beruf

Maike Merz und Tanja Schilha are referees in handball for women and men and idols at brave stories Maike Merz und Tanja Kuttler


Dr. Petra Tzschoppe is professor for sociology and history of sports at Leipzig University and Vice President women and equality at German Olympic Sports Confederation fighting for equal chances at brave stories Dr. Petra Tzschoppe

Powerfrau für die Gleichstellung

Fatma Keckstein trains women in self-defense in ju-jutsu to become strong idols at brave stories Fatma Keckstein

Verteidigt ihre Grenzen

Stefanie Opitz is sports journalist for ZDF and as mentor she helps women into sports journalism at brave stories Stefanie Opitz

Leidenschaftliche Sport-Journalistin

Tabea Farnbacher is a feminist poetry-slammer about women's body consciousness at brave stories Tabea Farnbacher

Starke Worte